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We began using the service of “We’re Having A Party” several years ago and the experience has quite literally changed our lives. Our parties tend to be large ones with a lot of different foods and drinks: long story short, the parties were big successes but both my wife and I were run ragged trying to keep on top of the countless areas of concern. Even simple things become complicated when the party is in full swing: the recycling is full… we're running out of ice… we're completely out of wine glasses…. do we have club soda? The problems never seem to end!

Jim's staff is uniformly excellent - we've had four different staff members at our home and each of them has been incredibly professional, efficient and courteous. Perhaps one of the best attributes of the staff is the fact that they're unobtrusive… they come in, get their instructions and then GET BUSY managing the party. Each team member I've worked with has been intelligent and focused on making my life easier (and if you don't know how special that is, then you've never thrown a big party!).

Perhaps one of the greatest parts of the service is the positive impact on the after-party cleanup. The first time we used Jim's company our server was scheduled to go home at 11PM. She reminded me at 10:30 that she was due to leave soon but offered to stay "If I needed her… but it seems like we're in good shape". I agreed, and she proceeded to spend the next 30 minutes cleaning up, wrapping leftover food and dealing with the trash and recycling. When the party ended a few hours later, I was amazed to find that virtually all the cleanup had already been done. My wife and I spent 15 minutes tidying up, and the next morning… no mess! No disaster! No problem at all, in fact - it was great.

I have spent years throwing big parties and not enjoying them - now I relax the minute one of Jim's team walks through the door. Everyone at the party enjoys themselves a lot more because of the efficient management of the food and drink. I really value the help and I honestly cannot imagine throwing a party without Jim's staff being present.

Feel free to contact me at fbook.matt@gmail.com with any specific questions.

Maplewood , NJ


    Your team by far was amazing. They went above and beyond all of my expectations; each and every one of them was very personable and more than helpful. All of our guest could not get over how organized, professional and take charge they were. I didn’t have to worry about anything while they were there.

I would be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone. Thank you for making this party much easier and relieving the stress I thought I would have with such a large attending list.

Thank you again!!!

Warren, NJ
    I cannot tell you how wonderful you were during our party, you definitely made us feel like" guests in our own home". Not only were you organized, quick, clean and precise but you also blended in with our friends and family so well and made all of us feel comfortable. Your number is on speed dial for our next party!

Thank you for allowing us to enjoy Louis' second birthday and not miss a moment of the festivities.

Old Bridge, NJ

I cannot describe what a wonderful evening we had last night celebrating my birthday and graduation all because of Melody and Donald.

From the moment they walked through our door they took care of everything. They ensured that we did not do anything, but enjoy our party and for the first time we actually got to speak to ALL of our guests! Best of all is by the end of the night we had barely anything left to clean up! So this morning my husband and I are actually enjoying our tea and coffee here in our porch instead of wasting the morning cleaning up like we always did after a party.

We will absolutely use your services again for our next party, as will our friends and family who were so impressed with Melody and Donald. Take care, and I look forward to speaking to you again soon!


Bloomfield, NJ

    Your team did an excellent job on Saturday. For the first time ever I did not have to lift a finger, I was able to enjoy the entire party.

I really appreciate all there help. All of my guests had a fabulous time. The next time we have an event I will be sure to contact you again.


Scotch Plains, NJ
    Hi Jim,

I wanted to let you know that our party this past Saturday was incredible!!!!! We've been planning this party for 2 years, while our house was being built. Melody, Dan, and Barbara were GREAT. I showed them when they came where everything was and if I forgot to show them something they found it on their own. It was wonderful to spend time with our family and friends, whom complimented them as well.

EVERYTHING WAS PERFECTLY DONE. We are so glad that we found you on Craig’s List and for sure if we ever need your services again we will be in touch.

Thanks so much,

Middletown, NJ
    The service was wonderful. It’s the first time I have done this so I’m sure I was a little annoying in the beginning. I hope Mary didn’t mind. I did leave her to handle things but being a control freak it wasn’t normal for me.

It really was a pleasure to actually sit and talk with people at my own party. She was great!.....Helpful, sociable etc. My husband felt guilty handing her the BBQ utensils to wash… Funny he doesn’t feel the same when I’m doing the washing. Most of my family was surprised I actually handed things over to someone else but thought it was a great idea…..I got lots of questions so if anyone needs the same services I’ll be sure to give them your number.

Thanks again…. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone.

Morristown, NJ
    Thank me? No-- Thank you!!! This was the absolute best party we have EVER had in our home! Margaret, Phyllis & Becky came in and from the get go, handled everything in a professional, courteous manner, which allowed us to enjoy the party right from the start.

Appetizer platters were never empty, food was replenished and it all looked neat when presented. Everything that could be cleaned was cleaned--food was packed up and put away (they had left food out for very late arrivals, but this was also put away before they left.)

I have recommended your company to friends and am looking forward to my next party! Please tell Margaret, Phyllis & Becky what a great team they are and express my thanks to them.


Rumson, NJ
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